COVID-19: Kenya’s first fully recovered patient Brenda gets shocker of her life as boyfriend leaks her ‘bedroom’ photos

Kenya’s first covid-19 survivor Brenda Cherotich is probably cursing the day she woke up and  decided to take ‘cool‘ pictures with her then one and only boyfriend.

After being praised by President for being brave enough to go to the hospital for testing,Brenda has woken up to extremely bad news as her ‘bedroom‘ pictures of over 2 years ago were littered on social media by an unknown people.

Brenda took her self to hospital when she developed symptoms for the virus 3 days after arriving from London.

After receiving treatment for about 3 weeks it was yesterday announced that Brenda had fully recovered and tested Negative for Covid-19.

And now barely 24 hour later, some evil minded Kenyans have already stolen her shine by releasing her ‘hot‘ picture of 2 years ago.


Written by Opoku Asiedu

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