Coronavirus: Police shoot two people disobeying lockdown orders

Rwanda National Police (RNP) has gunned down two people for defying a lockdown imposed by government to contain the spread of Coronavirus, fuelling anger in the country which has so far registered 40 cases of the epidemic.

Authorities ordered all bars, hardware shops, hair salons and clothing stores to close.

People on the streets have to demonstrate they are going to buy food or essential services.

Police forces have been poured on the streets to ensure people stay indoors.

However, hundreds of Rwandans this week abandoned their homes in desperate search of food and water.

This led to clashes with police during which two people were shot dead in Nyanza district.

Police confirmed the killing but said the “deceased attacked and wrestled to the ground a police officer who was on routine patrol,” adding, “This prompted his colleague to fire at the attackers in self-defense.”

Police did not explain why a civilian would wrestle with police officers.

With Coronavirus, government recently issued regulations blocking vendors from hiking food prices.

Written by Opoku Asiedu

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