Ciji Graham Passes Away, Greensboro Police Officer

Remembering Officer Ciji Graham: Greensboro Mourns the Loss of a Dedicated Police Officer

Explore the unexpected passing of Officer Ciji Graham from the Greensboro Police Department. Discover the impact of her distinguished career, academic achievements, and community engagement, as friends and colleagues share heartfelt tributes in this obituary.

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The Greensboro community is grieving the tragic loss of Officer Ciji Graham from the Greensboro Police Department, who unexpectedly passed away on November 20, 2023. Her untimely death has left an indelible mark on her colleagues, friends, and the community she faithfully served.

Officer Ciji Graham, a respected member of the Greensboro Police Department, is remembered for her steadfast dedication to duty, leaving behind a void that resonates within the police force and the citizens she served. Colleagues and friends have taken to social media to express their genuine condolences and share sentiments of sadness, reflecting the impact Officer Graham had on those around her.

Born and raised in Salisbury, North Carolina, Officer Ciji Graham laid the foundation for her impactful career by earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from Livingstone College. Her academic achievements paved the way for a distinguished tenure with the Greensboro Police Department, where she demonstrated an unwavering commitment to community safety.

Officer Graham was not only known for her proactive approach to law enforcement but also for her extensive community connections. Beyond her official duties, she actively engaged in community programs, showcasing her genuine dedication to building trust and understanding between law enforcement and local citizens.

The Greensboro Police Department, mourning the loss of a dedicated officer, acknowledges Officer Ciji Graham’s path to service, marked by academic excellence, community involvement, and an unyielding commitment to public safety.

Tributes on social media platforms, particularly on Facebook, paint a poignant picture of Officer Graham’s vibrant personality, friendliness, and passion for serving her community. These heartfelt messages stand as a testament to Officer Ciji Graham’s enduring impact and the deep connections she forged throughout her social network and the broader community.

As the Greensboro community grapples with this loss, join in remembering Officer Ciji Graham’s legacy and the significant contributions she made to both law enforcement and community well-being.

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