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Chaos in the studio as journalist Halifax insults DKB of having Big Head, Small Sense (Video)

Last Saturday night’s edition of the United Showbiz show was heated from start to finish.

The discussion focused on Akuapem’s prison sentence and her press conference following her bail.

During the discussion, there was a heated banter between, DKB and Halifax over a statement made by Akuapem Poloo which suggested the President played a role in getting her out of jail.

Journalist Halifax argued that the socialite was wrong in thanking the President for directing the Attorney General assist her because it undermines the independence of the Judiciary so the Presidency needs to release a statement to clarify the exact role they played in getting the lady out of prison.

DKB, a close friend of Akuapem Poloo was having none of it as he believes the President can’t be forced to make everything he does official.

The banter got heated when Halifax called DKB, “Big Head, Small Sense”.

From DKB’s reaction one could visibly see he wasn’t happy with what Halifax said.

The comedian threatened to walk out of the studios if the Despite Media employee refuses to apology by the count of 5.

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After a little back and forth, he apologized and the show continued

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