Broken heart Boy vows to use Church testimony hour to shame Church Elder who chopped his girlfriend

A broken heart boy has vowed to shame a church elder for chopping his girl.

A broken heart boy has vowed to shame a church elder in church for chopping his girlfriend.

The boy got to know his girlfriend is a serial cheater when he bought her a new phone.

Having bought the girl a new phone he decided to make it a surprise so he asked the girl to give him her old phone.

When the girl gave him her old phone, he took out the sim and inserted it into the brand new iPhone which made the girl overly excited.

The girl was so happy about the new phone and hugged the boy to thank him.

Later in the evening she asked permission to go and see her parents and siblings and show them the new phone.

She asked the boy to give him the old phone but he refused and told her when she returns she can have it and copy whatever she want to transfer to her new phone.

The girl left to see her parents and something triggered the boy to go through the old phone.

He was so shocked to see what the girl has been doing at his blind side despite living with him under the same roof.

Her chats shows how she’s been sending her n*ked photos and videos to guys she’s been cheating with.

One of the guys happens to be their church elder who is married with kids.

The guy after sacking the girl has vowed to shame this married church elder in church.

He says he will use testimony hour to openly shame this church elder because once upon a time, he denied him a job.

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