Brian Parquette Obituary, Drummer of The Zippers Band LA, California.

In Memoriam: Brian Parquette, Renowned Drummer of The Zippers Band, LA, California

The music community mourns the unexpected and heartbreaking loss of Brian Parquette, the cherished drummer and close friend of The Zippers Band for the past 32 years. This article serves as an obituary, paying tribute to Brian’s dedicated musical career and the significant impact he made on the independent music scene.



The Zippers Band, along with their devoted fan base, is grappling with the devastating news of Brian Parquette’s untimely passing. The drummer, who had been an integral part of the band for over three decades, left a void that is deeply felt by those who knew him.


Brian Parquette’s recent admission to Saint Jude Hospital in Fullerton marked the beginning of a tragic turn of events that led to his unexpected demise. The band, while struggling with the weight of this loss, shared the heartbreaking news with their fans, leaving many in a state of anticipation for further details from the family or the band regarding the circumstances surrounding his hospitalization and subsequent passing.

As the circumstances leading to his hospitalization and the cause of his death remain confidential, a somber atmosphere surrounds this loss, heightening the sense of grief among friends, family, and fans.

Born and raised in California, Brian Parquette dedicated an incredible 32 years to his musical journey as the respected drummer for The Zippers. His passion for contributing to the artistic and cultural fabric of the music industry was evident through his unwavering dedication to the craft and his enduring presence in the music scene.

Brian played a crucial role in defining The Zippers’ sound, showcasing his rhythmic skill and unwavering commitment to independent music. The band initially gained notoriety with a standout performance on the national television program Star Search, reaching the finals and capturing the attention of fans and industry professionals alike.

The Zippers’ continued success in corporate entertainment solidified their place as one of the most sought-after musical acts nationwide. Brian Parquette’s legacy within the band and his contributions to independent music will be remembered fondly by those who had the privilege of witnessing his talent.

In this time of profound loss, words cannot adequately express the grief felt by family, friends, and fans. The music community joins in mourning the passing of Brian Parquette, a promising individual whose impact on the world of independent music will endure.

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As we say farewell to Brian Parquette, let us remember the rhythm and passion he brought to The Zippers Band and the broader music scene. Our thoughts and condolences go out to his family, friends, and fellow band members during this difficult time. May his legacy live on through the beats and melodies that defined his remarkable musical career.

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