Bodies of missing couple Davido and his wife, Karen A. Koep Discovered

Tragic Discovery: Bodies of Missing Couple Davido and Karen A. Koep Found, Tenant Arrested for Murder

In a harrowing turn of events, the bodies of Davido and Karen A. Koep, who went missing on November 10, have been discovered, allegedly murdered by their tenant. The gruesome revelation unfolded on Saturday afternoon when sheriff’s deputies were called to a distressing scene near Stedman Road Southeast on Joint Base Lewis-McChord land in Olympia, Washington.


Timeline of Events:
The couple’s disappearance on November 10 prompted a manhunt, culminating in the arrest of Timothy Burke, 45, on November 18 in connection to their vanishing. On November 20, Burke faced charges of first-degree murder and kidnapping during a preliminary court appearance, with the court denying his release.

Discovery and Preliminary Investigation:
Sheriff’s deputies responding to a body report found not one but two bodies, presumed to be Davido and Karen, near the property where Burke lived. While awaiting coroner results for positive identification, Sheriff Derek Sanders acknowledged that nothing could bring the couple back.


Tenant Dispute and Motive:
Evidence suggests a tenant dispute, as Burke, residing in one of Davido’s properties, faced impending eviction. Disturbingly negative emails from Burke to Davido were discovered, pointing to a deep-seated conflict. Prosecutors highlighted shell casings from Burke’s .45-caliber weapon found in the couple’s home as crucial evidence, indicating a tragic shooting.

Crime Scene and Abandoned Vehicle:
Detectives uncovered large pools of blood at the couple’s Lacey home, signs of cleanup attempts, and evidence of foul play. Shell casings linked to Burke’s weapon were pivotal, and authorities believe the couple was shot before being loaded into the trunk of their car, which was found abandoned five miles away, eight hours later.

Ongoing Investigation:
The location of the bodies, discovered some distance from the crime scene, raises questions about potential transportation involvement. The investigation is ongoing, with authorities urging anyone with information to contact the Thurston Police Department.

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The tragic end to the search for Davido and Karen Koep has left their community in shock. As the investigation continues, the details that led to this unfortunate outcome shed light on a troubling tenant dispute and alleged heinous acts committed by the individual now in custody.

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