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Beyoncé never came to Ghana but Shatta met her – Bulldog clears the air (Video)

Bulldog has settled all arguments surrounding the much hyped video of the song ‘Already’ which features Beyoncé and Shatta Wale.

When the video was released it generated talks on whether Beyoncé was in Ghana to shoot the scenes recorded in Ghana.

Others also said Shatta Wale didn’t meet Beyoncé and that the part where he was with Beyoncé are edited or photoshop.

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The manager of Shatta Wale, Bulldog said cleared the air on the Simply Showbiz show hosted on Accra base television station TV3.

Speaking on TV3, Bulldog said Beyoncé never came to Ghana as the scenes in Ghana were shot in her absence.

He also revealed that Shatta Wale traveled to USA to shot his scene with Beyoncé.



According to Bulldog, Shatta Wale didn’t only meet Beyoncé, they had good time together.

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