Ben Stokes on mental health, including his struggle with anxiety and panic attack

After being caught by Khaji Sorabada of South Africa during a bowling match, England captain Ben Stokes walked off the field.

Ben Stokes, who has been dealing with the emotional fallout of his father’s death for some time now, has come clean about the anxiety medication he takes to help him cope.

In the trailer for the upcoming Amazon documentary The Phoenix in the Ashes, Stokes makes it clear that he has no sympathy for the England and Wales Cricket Board after he was falsely accused of a brawl and then exonerated. Helper’s rage. The 2018 Bristol Crown Court.

The current England Test captain took a year off from playing to focus on mental health advocacy. It was the death of his father, Gerd, playing on an international board.ball team while dealing with the stress of injuries, and reading about the murder of his half-siblings before he was born in The Sun, all of which he discusses in the film.

Stokes claimed, “I never talked about these things.” I apologize deeply for what I’m about to say. Not once did I anticipate needing medication for things like this. I am not ashamed or embarrassed by the fact that I required assistance.

But it’s not over just because I’m back in the lineup,” he continued. I continue to have daily doctor appointments and take my prescribed medication. This is an ongoing procedure.

Stokes also revealed his friendship with the man who runs the 2019 Cricket World Cup by describing how he told ECB officials to “go away” when he asked them to take a selfie with him after the final.

He discussed his plans to revamp British sports in general and his stance that the county championship should be preserved in an interview with Telegraph Sport. During Sir Andrew Strauss’s review of county cricket in the United Kingdom, he suggested that he and Jos Butler, the one-day captain, be consulted.

Nonetheless, beneath the surface, anger at the ECB featuring an interview with Oscar-winning director Sir Sam Mendes, simmers.

When asked if he had any unanswered questions about the European Central Bank’s (ECB) handling of his arrest in September 2017, Stokes did not name any specific individuals but referred to ECB employees as “suits.” His anger at the board members had reached a boiling point. Then they abandoned their trip to the ashes during the winter.

When Mendes inquired as to whether or not he was dissatisfied at the time, he responded, “Very few, yes, a lot of them also wear suits.” “It hasn’t gone away. Forever more,” he continued.

When England won the 2019 World Cup in July, he lost his cool over the country’s victory celebration. “There was this one guy who kept on trying to get a selfie with me. Basically, he was just a dude wearing a suit. As I turned around, I told him to be quiet. The night of the World Cup final, if this guy doesn’t know how I feel about them, they will.

I’m angry at cricket because it dictates when I can see my dying father.

For Ben Stokes, the best metaphor for why he quit cricket for good last year was an exploding glass bottle.

Over the course of “a long time,” he clarified, “not just weeks or months, but I’d say years,” he bottled up all of his feelings. While other things are going on, I’ll just keep filling that bottle. The next item introduced will break that glass. As a result, that is what occurs. The culmination of something that has been building for a very long time has finally arrived.

He was exonerated after a fight outside a Bristol nightclub cost him the position of England vice-captain and caused him to miss the entire 2017 Ashes series. An extraordinary capstone was placed on 2019’s glorious summer when the best player in the Cricket World Cup final went on to play the greatest Test innings ever. After his father Ged passed away from brain cancer in December 2020, his half-siblings took matters into their own hands and he received an unwelcome public broadcast of the horrific family trauma.

Ben Stokes: The Phoenix from the Ashes, a new documentary that follows Stokes as he works in a series of Got rid of cricket completely after a panic attack that included a 6am phone call from the toilet, treats each incident with honesty. Hotel room where FBI agent Neil Fairbrother was found sobbing and unable to catch his breath.

Stokes has come to terms with his resentment toward cricket for spoiling his family’s last trip to New Zealand, despite the happiness and pride it brought to his father.

He reflected on the final time he had seen his father alive: “I had to leave because I was going back to play cricket.” So I learned the game of cricket in depth during my downtime. When I realized that sports would determine when I could see my dad, I was livid. Stewart Broad, during a break, regularly sees Stokes and thinks he might never play again, but he came back to play within six months and was named England Test captain earlier this year.

Ben Stokes of England gloats after he catches Lacy van der Dusen of South Africa.

Ben Stokes of England jubilantly celebrates his wicket of South African batsman Lacy van der Dusen.
Two weeks after Stokes announced in July 2021 that he would be leaving cricket permanently, he sat down with Oscar-winning film director Sir Sam Mendes for an interview that would become a central part of the film. Stokes remarked that the interview with Sam “was kind of fantastic” because it forced him to confront “one of the lowest points” of his life. “Surreal. When I look in the mirror, I recognize myself but still wonder, “Who is that guy?” I mean, who is that dude? A seashell,” as Stokes put it. my Quite the opposite of the bright, cheerful faces we saw during the interview, “there’s nothing behind the eyes.”

Although England was swept aside by South Africa in just three days just last week, the summer’s gamble to name the Stokes captain seems to have been motivated by more than just the team’s victories over New Zealand and India.

So far, it’s also provided an intriguing response to those who might question Stokes’ willingness to take on the additional responsibility of captaincy due to his ongoing mental health challenges.

Due to his mental health issues, he had to take time off from leading his country’s team. “Unfortunately, it’s a mental health stigma,” he said.

So far, the duty has provided a purpose that has increased his motivation and seemed to lighten his emotional burden, rather than adding to the already shattered imaginary “glass bottle.”

“It’s given me the confidence to talk openly about the steps I need to take to become team leader,” he said. My goal is to alter the way people think about sports in England. In my mind, it is my duty to instill a sense of pride and competence in everyone who wears the England jersey. What I like most about it is how they have people backing them up even when they have doubts. In terms of my own life, I don’t care about anything. To put it simply, my question is always, “How many times have I performed to impact the team’s game?”

When asked why he always sought victory rather than contentment, Stokes pointed to what he called “a British mentality, a British way” of often finding the negative in the positive. in a tie vote.

“The New Zealand series is a good example; Headingley chases Johnny Bairstow. It’s ridiculous,” he said. Everyone kept saying things like, “Great Test matches, but you can’t have them all the time” or “Unbelievable to watch,” but neither of those things were true. Yes, bring it on! Inhale some optimism, will you?

Stokes’s fellow IPL player and fellow Australian Shane Warne has clearly left his mark on the film, giving his part of the story new depth and resonance.

Vaughan referred to Stokes as “the hardest working coach I’ve ever played with,” highlighting the broader impact of Stokes’s selfless approach. Fans, according to Vaughan, appreciate it when their team scores the winning goal in the clinching game. “They won’t remember Ben’s batting average, but they will remember how he played the game, and he played it the right way.” Obviously, Vaughan didn’t lead Australia at any point, and Stokes was ready to take over. There are multiple instances in this new film where the impression is given that the protagonist is challenging authority.

After his arrest in September 2017 for the Bristol incident, Stokes was asked if he was disappointed with anyone. He responded, “Very few, yes, quite a few of them also wear Suit.” After saying, “If this guy doesn’t know how I feel about them, they do,” he went on to say that he told Suits to take a “f— off” selfie at Lord’s right after the 2019 World Cup final. Learn the World Cup finals night.

“More effort is required to make playing all three formats viable.”
For Stokes, competing in the Over-50 One-Day International on top of his regular Test and Twenty20 commitments was too much to bear, so he made the decision to retire from the competition in July.

Additionally, he voiced his opinion on the ongoing review of British cricket and the suggestions that county championship cricket could be cut further earlier this month. Conservative county residents are opposed to the plan, and Stokes made it clear they have his backing.

To paraphrase, “I think it’s just a matter of being brave to have an opinion,” he said. If you have an opinion and someone tells you to “stop doing that,” I’m probably not the best person to listen to that person. I’m not so conceited and dense as to assume that no one else has any valid points of view.

What I’d like to see more of is work done to make all three formats viable for people who want to play all three. The English national calendar, in addition to the international calendar, has some kinks that need ironing out. Taking away the county championship is not the solution, in my opinion.

It’s not a simple query. No one can be guaranteed to be satisfied with your response. So it goes, I guess. The opportunity to serve as captain, however, would be greatly appreciated. Joss [Buttler] and I would love to have a bigger say in matters like this. But I’m not digging for dirt on anybody; I’m just saying what I think is fair.

Furthermore, Stokes will keep being open and honest about his own mental health and how he believes it has made him a better captain.

It’s best to “take each day as it comes” and “not wake up feeling like you have to be someone you don’t belong to on that particular day,” he advised. You will enjoy life on occasion. It’s inevitable that some days you won’t feel quite as great as others when you first open your eyes. “But on days like that, you just don’t feel as good as you did yesterday.” You’ve been here before, so stop acting like you know what you’re doing. That can’t go on forever, and it doesn’t accurately portray humanity.

It’s cold and normal and I feel fine most of the time. Still, there are days when I open my eyes and think, “I can’t do anything today.”

It’s a great way for me to meet new people and expand my social circle. It seems like I’m able to pick up on people’s feelings.

People are often hesitant to share intimate details about their lives with me, and I understand that. If you show that you’re emotionally or psychologically struggling, it’s seen as a sign of weakness, so you may find it difficult to express your true feelings. A common misconception is that those who have never faced adversity themselves cannot be asked for advice. No. Forget it. When I can, I will tell you everything.

The film also recognizes the challenge as one that will persist over time. “Frustration is your biggest teacher,” he said. “I identify with the metaphor of rising like a phoenix from the ashes of adversity. Although I haven’t yet reached the other side, I consider it a major victory that I am able to cope with it every day.

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