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Assin South: Lady cοmmɨts sʋɨcɨde after mother and 2 pastors accused her of witchcraft

Lady takes her own life after he was accused by a pastor of being a witch.

Following the demise of girls father who was a teacher the mother accused her of being a witch and the cause of all her hardship.

The young girl Judith Adom was shamed by her mother in Assin Dahomako all because two pastors told her she’s a witch.

Judith Adom had to quit and find another place to learn the sewing but her new land lady requested she speaks to her relatives so that when something happens to her she will know who to call.

Speaking to the girl’s mother, the woman told the land lady that her daughter is a witch and will destroy her if she allows her to live in her house

This got to the lady, she went to her room, drunk overdosed of tramadol which made her collapse.

She was rushed to a local clinic and later transferred to Cape Coast Teaching Hospital.

Doctors requested for her mother to come and speak to her on the sick bed but she refused to step foot there only for young Judith Adom to die.

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