Ashley Backhouse Found Dead Behind Ex’s House

Ashley Backhouse, 36, had been taking anti-depressant citalopram for anxiety and depression since last year.

But at an inquest into his death, his sister Amy Backhouse claimed he had not taken the medication for six weeks as he had not been able to get it.

He called Beech Hill Health Practice at 8am for an appointment, as recommended, but there were none left by the time he got through, she explained.

She said: “He confided in me that he hadn’t been able to get through to the doctors’ for an appointment and when he tried to get a repeat prescription over the phone he couldn’t get one, so he wasn’t taking his medication.”

Miss Backhouse said her brother was “normally bubbly, talkative, funny” and always telling “silly jokes and daft one-liners”, and she could see a difference when he was not taking anti-depressants.

But GP Dr Sonia Gupta told Bolton Coroner’s Court there was “no evidence” he had been trying to contact the surgery.

She said Mr Backhouse, from Norley, reported feeling very low and anxious in September 2022, was suffering a bereavement and had thought about self-harm but was not going to act.

He was prescribed citalopram for seven days and then, after reviews, was given further prescriptions.

Dr Gupta said this became a repeat prescription and Mr Backhouse collected the medication again on November 28.

But, during a difficult exchange with coroner Simon Nelson, she was unable to confirm whether Mr Backhouse had received the anti-depressants in the following months.

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