Ashanti Region: Shocking reasons why ‘angry’ family buried girl who died mysteriously with voltic water

The choice of bringing a girl child in today’s world is not an easy meal. The pain you go through just to get her away from hungry looking men, feed her education to a point where she can work and feed you back, just for her life to end up to Six feet in an unthinkable manner.

A parent worst nightmare is the death of their child, whether been grown, a teen or a kid. And if she is your only child, your soul gets broken and shattered into pieces.

Mr Afriyie and his wife Rebecca Afriyie of Kumasi Berman are natives of Asokore Mampong, but work brought them from the smooth serene environments of Asokore Mampong to the hills of Kumasi Berman and they have been living there for over twenty six years.

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The couple were interested in having more babies but the fruit of the womb gave them one. Adwoa Anima Afriyie who was addressed by her peers as Black Beauty was the only child of the Afriyies. The parents restricted her movements so any hunger looking male cannot use her womb as football pitch, thereby destroying her future and they have been doing so since her birth.

Adwoa graduated from Afia Kobi Senior High School and was admitted to the Ashanti’s prestigious university, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology to study medicine. The family whose source of living is Mr Afriyie’s monthly salary of not more than One Thousand Six Hundred made it possible through various mediums, including loans to make sure Adwoa’s days at the University as a medical student is fruitful and smooth.

They sometimes ate once a day so they can make enough savings to save for her books, tuition and other school related fees. Medical school is an expensive dinner for everyone and for the Afriyie’s, it was the most depressing and hard ever choice they made for their child.

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Adwoa graduated from medical school three weeks ago and have been living with her family ever since. The family were looking forward to her appointment from the government so Adwoa could join the working group of doctors in the country when her sudden demise set in.

On the early hours of Monday (July 13, 2020) morning, a distressed call came from their neighbors shouting. The Afriyie’s were sudden awake from the loud voices in front of their door. It was Eno Mary, crying for Adwoa to come to the aid of their dying mother. Mr Afriyie called for her daughter and they headed straight to the house of Eno Mary and there laid an almost lifeless body of an aged woman.

Adwoa did all she could and was able to bring her barely alive. She told the family to find a car and transport her to the hospital since she had nothing on her to give the woman. Her first aid box was not helping in giving the old woman life, so she called for Eno Mary and a taxi was brought to transport the old woman. The old woman died on her way to the hospital and Eno Mary kept blaming Adwoa for killing her mother.

An allegation that was condemned by all neighbors and eye witness who were present on that day. To them, Adwoa did her best for the old woman, the woman was already dead when they called Adwoa but she managed to bring her barely alive and yet she was blamed for her death.

A week later, on the dawn of the same hours Monday July 20, 2020, Adwoa complained of a minor headache and before the mother Rebecca could ask anything, she feel to the ground and whitish substance kept flowing from her mouth. Adwoa was rushed to the hospital but died unfortunately.

The only daughter of the Afriyies is gone without saying a word. She died without feeling ill or depressed. She was a young doctor waiting for her appointment to serve her country. This torn the Afriyies and the mother Rebecca nearly went mad on that faithful Monday.

Autopsy report reveals that nothing aided in her death and she wasn’t suffering from any infections or had any serious medical condition that should have killed her. Doctors attributed her death to be a nature’s call but the father denied to follow the doctors report.

It is alleged that someone from her neighborhood invoked spiritual forces on her and that lead to Adwoa’s death. The father, Mr Afriyie thinks, his high priest at Mampong is right for saying someone Adwoa tried to bring back to death was not happy with the way she handled the case and invoked that spiritual forces on her.

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The high priest then blessed a box of Voltic Water for them to use for her burial so she Adwoa can call all persons involved in her death so she can settle the case herself. It is believed that, the Voltic Water which was used for the burial of Adwoa this morning will give her the water powers of the Mampong god, to use to sweep any hands which took part in the planing of her death.

Before this post, I made consultations with some spiritual worshipers and they gave me the understanding that, should someone die mysteriously and the family believing it wasn’t their time to die, rises to various mediums in order to find out the cause of the death. And usually, water is not used to bury someone because it is very dangerous, but when it is used it means danger and bad for everyone.

Even if you planned to harm the person whiles they were alive, their spirit will call you to come and answer why, and that means lot of people might die from this. The person who did it, will be the first point of call and so shall it follow with everyone who did planned but couldn’t do it.

Adwoa was buried with a full box of Voltic mineral water which is supposed to be an instrument she can rely upon to call everyone who had hands in her death.

who had hands in her death.

Written by Opoku Asiedu

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