Another Disaster In Italy, God Save Italy

The death toll in Italy is over 15k, and the President was seen crying in a video saying all plans to contain the virus have been exhausted, all that is left for them is up in the air sky.

Now world powers believe that there is God, almost every field in Italy is turned to grave yard to the point that corpse is now being stored in Churches there cause the rate at which people are dying is now very high, both those trying to save lives are loosing there’s, what more can Italy take, fears grips the number one in the country, how many more deaths can this country endure, no proper burial is given, everywhere is in lockdown in the country, no time to trade or go out to check for something.

Every citizen in Italy are afraid cause your next breath may be your last. The government are really trying but at this point all eyes must look up to the sky where God is cause he is the only one that can bring this to an end and people will be able to return back to there normal lives in Italy.

Written by Opoku Asiedu

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