Angela Baffoe alias Miracle Adomah is still married to my brother – Sister inlaw exposes Kofi Adomah’s wife

Miracle Adomah has been exposed for moving on to marry another man despite not officially divorcing her first husband.

Mrs Miracle Adomah has been exposed for marrying Kofi Adomah despite not divorcing her first husband.

As Mrs Miracle Adomah continues to trend following Kofi Adomah’s public celebration of how she’s been a pillar in his life, more information about the couples keep surfacing.

First it was her hidden face which was posted on social media for the 1st time by a lady which triggered her to curse the lady.

The next one was how she teamed up with Kofi Adomah to evict Victoria Exornam Kpodo, the first wife of Kofi.

Now the latest one has to do with her real name and her 1st marriage.

According to a Facebook user Mimi Aninwaa, Miracle Adomah’s real name is Angela Baffoe and she’s surprised by the name change.

Another Facebook user commenting on her post said “change of name is normal” to which Mimi replied “but not still in marriage without divorce la”.

This explains why Mrs Miracle Adomah has been keeping her new identity low key for years only to be entangled into controversy all because Kofi Adomah decided to dedicate his birthday to her.

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