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Actress says she’ll give her husband oral ‘atopa’ if asked because Bible says obey your husband

In an interview with New Telegraph, fast rising Nollywood actress Omalicha Elom gave contrasting answers on being submissive to her future husband.

According to the actress she’ll glady offer anal s£x to her husband should he demand but will not do same if anal s£x is the demand.

Quizzed about her thought on oral s£x is actress had this to say;

“Well, I don’t know about other people, but I don’t like it at all.”

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Then the interviewer asked whether she will compromise her stands should her future husband insists on it. She responded;

“Well, the bible says women should be submissive to their husbands, so if I get married and my husband wants oral sex, I’ll give it to him, so I can make heaven.”

She was further asked whether she’ll offer anal s£x to her husband if she requests.

“I can’t do that, at all. In fact, I know my husband can’t be crazy enough to ask me for anal sex when he is not Bobrisky.”

The actress also swear never to forget a cheating husband.

“Never ever! Because once I’m in a relationship, I stay very loyal and faithful. So, I would not even look back when the person cheats on me, be it my husband or boyfriend. Once you have me, let it be me forever until we part ways. Don’t even try to cheat on me. They say men are polygamous in nature, but it’s not right. Before a woman would cheat, something deep must have happened.”

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