Aaron Laigaie Dies From Covid, MT Baker Proud Boys Co-Founder

Aaron Laigaie, a Covid denier, and anti-vaxxer who was one of the Proud Boys’ founders passed away from Covid.


Geoff Guenther reported Aaron Laigaie’s passing in an online article. Aaron Laigaie perished as a result of a coronavirus.

Aaron Laigaie, a supporter of Donald Trump, allegedly has a “natural resistance” to COVID.

Aaron dismisses COVID. The infectious condition known as coronavirus illness is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19).


On social media, Aaron Laigaie has made it plain that he won’t record COVID-19.

Pim Ke wrote on his Facebook timeline

Tigress: “Aaron Laigaie, senior Proud Boys, Donald Trump’s militia. The organizer of racist attacks. Antivax. Proud to have only been sick for 2 days of his 1st covid. Caught a 2nd one.

Died January 2.”

He is a founding member of MT Baker Proud Boys. The Proud Boys is an all-male, neo-fascist far-right group with American roots that encourages political violence. It also takes part in it.

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