21 years ago, I was [email protected] and I gave birth to twins, now they’re grown up-woman shares heartbreaking but joyful story

A Nigerian Psychological wellness specialist, Nmanti Umoh,has taken to her web-based social networking page to pen a passionate piece on the event of the birthday of her twin children, who she considered because of an assault episode.

In the enthusiastic birthday piece, the woman shared cute photographs of her children who simply turned 21 and related how she was assaulted by her boss at the youthful age of 15. She likewise utilized the chance to send uplifting statements to casualties of misuse or rape everywhere throughout the world.

Sharing the stunning photographs of her twins, she composed ;

21 Years Prior, a multi year old looking to discover her way was severely assaulted by her manager, all she needed to show was a twin birthed 9 months after.

Took cover behind the youth misuse, layers and layers of Dismissal, frequently condemned, broken, wounded, she wouldn’t be a measurement and turned into the standard to a lot increasingly youngsters and ladies who might be battered, mishandled… . TODAY… . the night and the morning and it’s the 21st Birthday of my children. Everything has changed since the blood.

Upbeat Birthday KanKan and Dada.

In the event that I were permitted a decision of my fights, I would have picked more straightforward clashes yet no, this life picked me and I will live it completely.

I have committed a great deal of errors yet each time I take a gander at both of you, I realized I made the best choice to keep you in any event, when I didn’t know exactly how.

To each and every adolescent mother, to each youngster who has been themed a slip-up and nonconformist… here I stand your approval that “Nobody and nothing has the ability to characterize who you become however you!”

Pick what you will and want to be.. well.

To a great many youngsters and ladies around Africa and the world who might be assaulted, battered, manhandled and denied a reasonable hearing since they consider us to be kids.

Written by Opoku Asiedu

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