15-year old girl details how she was gang ‘r*ped’ everyday for 2 years by her father and 3 men

Most times when we experience bitter incidents we often tend to blame strangers not suspecting close family members, but the fact is most evil doers are usually people you trust the most, sometimes they could be family members who come as sheep but are wolves in disguise, this was the case of 15 year old girl whose name is withheld was sadly betrayed by her own biological father, who she trusted so much.

She recently narrated her ugly experience to reporters on how the 44 year-old man identified as Chinomso Okonkwo and together with his three friends gang r*ped her consecutively for 2 years, in his residence located in Orji community in Owerri North Local Government Area of Imo State , Nigeria. The 15 year old victim, who has not even finished her junior secondary school education, also revealed that while she was going through this horrible experience she had nobody to run to or come to her aid because the accused locked her up in his house after threatening to kill her if anyone found out about what was happening.

The victim said she was 13 years old years old when the 44 year old man started abusing her, she explained that initially he started perpetrating the ungodly act with her alone , but at some point he invited 3 of his friends to join him, at this point the young girl new she had to seek for help or else she would die.

It was when the 15 year old girl felt all hope was lost was that something miraculous happened the accused went out on this faithful day and failed to lock the door, which was something that had never happened,on noticing the door was open she ran out screaming for help, luckily for her people were at home because of the lockdown order as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, she was stopped by the Landlady of their house who asked her what the problem was,immediately she narrated all that has been happening. The landlady who was shocked about all the 15 year old girl had told her in turn, immediately told her husband, who finally reported the case to the police which led to the immediate arrest of 44 year old Chinomso Okonkwo, but his 3 accomplices are still at large.

As at the time of report the Nigerian Police Force Imo State command said they have started a manhunt for the other 3 accomplices with information given to them by Mr Chinomso Okonwo, and have assured that the case will be investigated thoroughly before charging the suspects to court. What do you think should be done to 44 year old Chinomso.

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